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We have the skills and experience to turn your story into a stunning film, be it a short or feature-length production. With our expertise and confidence in filmmaking, we guarantee to deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations. Let's bring your vision to life on the screen!

The feature length film, Dangerous Seductions, was produced by Big Idea Productions in collaboration with Black Gold Media Partners and Dan Garcia Productions. A business trip in Florida for a top sports reporter turns into love triangle trouble with his ex after a one-night-stand with his host’s daughter.

Click the poster to view on Tubi.

Film poster for Dangerous Seduction

Space Time Crashers is a Science Fiction Comedy short film written, directed, and produced by Brian Mills and Big Idea Productions. Adam goes back in time to stop his younger self from getting his heart broken, and in the process throws the entire Space-Time Continuum into jeopardy. 

Netflix and Kill is a horror comedy short film written by David Mills, directed by Brian Mills, and produced by Big Idea Productions. Two friends are scrolling Netflix to decide what to watch on their cozy night in. All seems well until Netflix becomes sentient...and bloodthirsty.

The Last Flame Out is a horror short film directed by Brian Mills of Big Idea Productions. Four best friends from the city of Edgewood, Florida find a game in a haunted cabin. Only the winner of the game lives to tell the tale.

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