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Equipment List

The flagship quality standard is the Arri Alexa 2K camera, which we keep inhouse.  We also have the standard cameras for ENG/Event and field production in HD and 4K: the Canon C300 Mark II and the Sony FS7. 
And of course, we can always rent additional equipment as the job demands.

Arri Alexa Classic with High Speed License

Canon C300 Mark II

Sony PMW-FS7

Panasonic GH5/GH5s


21" Client field monitor

Atomos 7" Shogun Inferno Recorder

Apple MacBook Pro for field editing

Sigma Cine PL Zoom 18-35 T2.0

Sigma Cine PL Zoom 50-100 T2.0

Sigma Art EF Zoom 18-35 1.8

Sigma Art EF Zoom 50-100 1.8

KinFlo 4 Banks

LED Litelanels

Arri Tungsten (various)

8x8 Silk/Flag

12x12 Green Screen

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